Welcome to A Blog Job! A Blog Job is about transforming your blog or website into a source of income for you and your family. Although many people think that blogging can’t be a real job and that internet marketing doesn’t work, I’m here to show you the *happy* truth!

My Story

About 5 years ago, I started blogging. A few years later, I started creating and selling information products on stand-alone websites. About six months ago, I began writing articles about my adventures in blogging and internet marketing. About why I did it, what I liked about it, and what it meant for my life. At the time, I thought these articles were for my eyes only. Over time, though, I’ve decided to start cleaning them up, editing them into coherent posts, and putting them up on A Blog Job – a domain I’ve had for a long time but was never quite ready to do something with. I tested out a few such articles at my other blog – like this post – and liked the comments and responses I was getting. I was aware, though, that my saving money readers were not quite the audience for the kinds of thoughts on blogging and monetization I wanted to share. I even got comments from readers understandably asking, “Why are you posting this here?”

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to start posting some of the thoughts, lessons, and ideas I have learned about monetization and blogging over the past few years. Although I started in the field of blogging as a full-time FUN activity, over time I realized that my hard work could pay the bills. However, finding reliable, ethical, and “non-scammy” information on monetizing – especially in the Mommy Blogger space – was hard to come by. I hope this blog will be a collection of articles that give you solid, tangible advice and set you on the road to an professional blogging or internet marketing for yourself.

I hope that A Blog Job can help serve as a venue for sharing, airing, and chatting about all those sometimes-scary, and often delicate questions about monetization – and how to really make an income from your blog or website.

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