My Blog Goals for 2011: And Did You Set Yours?

The Savvy Blogging ladies have encouraged bloggers to think about (and link up) their blogging goals for 2011, and I’ve forced myself (yes, there was force required) to spend 30 minutes taking up the challenge.

I’d encourage you to do the same — and I’d go so far as to tell you how to best do it:

  • Put your computer away
  • Go to quiet table
  • Spread our paper and colored pens

For me, and for many — I’d argue — the best way to brainstorm is when you are far, far away from your computer and are engaging the creative muscles in your brain to think big and to think wide.

Importantly, I’m only talking about brainstorming for one blog here. If you have multiple blogs, these should be different brainstorms. A Blog Job is not my only blog, and it’s hardly my biggest or most prolific (see my goals on trying to change that — LOL!), but it still deserves thirty minutes of my brainstorming time once a year.

Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 4.42.54 PM

So, after much fanfare, the five goals I’ve set for myself and A Blog Job in 2011:

  1. Sack up and make one valuable post of original content every week. (I’m bolding that one for my own benefit!)
  2. Link to one interesting article, video, or podcast on the topic of blog monetization once a week. [A bigger goal that I'm not quite ready to sign up for would be to create a round-up list of interesting articles and information about blog monetization around the web and post it each week here on A Blog Job.]
  3. Slowly start to monetize. When I say this, you may ask, “But don’t you already have adsense on this blog?” The answer is yes, but since adsense is purely passive monetization I don’t want to count it as a “goal.” The main way adsense revenue can be a goal is in increasing traffic…and, well, see below for that goal!
  4. Actually start thinking about my traffic, and getting some more! This blog has been around for awhile (and the domain name has been around for even longer!) and until now I’ve just dabbled at it when I feel like. Changing that is all about focusing on getting readers, keeping readers, and making readers not want to bang their head against a wall because my writing is so bad.
  5. Do 6 guest posts in 2011 on blog monetization. No, this isn’t an incredibly lofty goal. You may be wondering why I couldn’t write 6 guest post a month, say. Well, the reason goes back to the (important) fact that this isn’t my only blog. This is actually #3 (in that order) on a list of other blogging priorities — so I want to make sure I can reasonably meet the goals I set.

Okay — that’s it for me.

Did you set your blogging goals for 2011?

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