Should You Tell Your Boss You’re Blogging on the Side?

If you’ve ever worried about your boss finding out about your blogging hobby, here’s an article that won’t make you too happy!

Woman Torn Between Unpaid Historical Fiction Blogging and Job at Chase.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has pondered this issue before. Although most companies allow you to pursue your outside hobbies, even when they are monetized, this article sure puts that in perspective in a (very negative) way;)

My Blog Goals for 2011: And Did You Set Yours?

The Savvy Blogging ladies have encouraged bloggers to think about (and link up) their blogging goals for 2011, and I’ve forced myself (yes, there was force required) to spend 30 minutes taking up the challenge.

I’d encourage you to do the same — and I’d go so far as to tell you how to best do it:

  • Put your computer away
  • Go to quiet table
  • Spread our paper and colored pens

For me, and for many — I’d argue — the best way to brainstorm is when you are far, far away from your computer and are engaging the creative muscles in your brain to think big and to think wide.

Importantly, I’m only talking about brainstorming for one blog here. If you have multiple blogs, these should be different brainstorms. A Blog Job is not my only blog, and it’s hardly my biggest or most prolific (see my goals on trying to change that — LOL!), but it still deserves thirty minutes of my brainstorming time once a year.

Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 4.42.54 PM

So, after much fanfare, the five goals I’ve set for myself and A Blog Job in 2011:

  1. Sack up and make one valuable post of original content every week. (I’m bolding that one for my own benefit!)
  2. Link to one interesting article, video, or podcast on the topic of blog monetization once a week. [A bigger goal that I'm not quite ready to sign up for would be to create a round-up list of interesting articles and information about blog monetization around the web and post it each week here on A Blog Job.]
  3. Slowly start to monetize. When I say this, you may ask, “But don’t you already have adsense on this blog?” The answer is yes, but since adsense is purely passive monetization I don’t want to count it as a “goal.” The main way adsense revenue can be a goal is in increasing traffic…and, well, see below for that goal!
  4. Actually start thinking about my traffic, and getting some more! This blog has been around for awhile (and the domain name has been around for even longer!) and until now I’ve just dabbled at it when I feel like. Changing that is all about focusing on getting readers, keeping readers, and making readers not want to bang their head against a wall because my writing is so bad.
  5. Do 6 guest posts in 2011 on blog monetization. No, this isn’t an incredibly lofty goal. You may be wondering why I couldn’t write 6 guest post a month, say. Well, the reason goes back to the (important) fact that this isn’t my only blog. This is actually #3 (in that order) on a list of other blogging priorities — so I want to make sure I can reasonably meet the goals I set.

Okay — that’s it for me.

Did you set your blogging goals for 2011?

The Art of Irrelevant Pitches

People often write articles and posts about what it means to write a good pitch.

Writing a good pitch is an art, and if you’re in the business of pitching to bloggers (or you’re a company in the business of pitching to bloggers) it would be worth your while to do some practice in writing good pitches. After all, what’s the difference between a good pitch and a bad pitch? Getting what you wanted!

Now, in this post I’m not going to talk about a good pitch is.

Instead, I’m simply going to laugh at a terrible one. You know, one of those pitches that are so bad that the “offer” has nothing to do with the person being pitched (read: you blog about dogs and the pitch is about makeup). So bad that the grammar is off (read: you can barely read at all!). So bad that your name or the name of your blog is substituted with someone else’s (read: the pitch I got this week).

This week, I received such a pitch. After sighing, and then whining, and then laughing, I began searching the blogosphere for other examples of pitch disasters, and I came across this fantastic one posted by ProBlogger Darren Rowse.

Yup, Pepsi is pitching Problogger for…what? It’s entirely unclear.

So: What’s the worst pitch you’ve received recently?

Monetization Lessons from Savvy Blogging: Part 3 (The Qualitative Conclusion)

At this point in my Monetization Lessons from Savvy Blogging series (see part 1 here and part 2 here), I’ve thrown out a bunch of numbers.

  • Income numbers
  • Traffic numbers
  • Subscriber numbers
  • Time Spent Blogging Numbers
  • (You name it, I’ve thrown it out!)

But what’s the point of all these numbers, and what can we really learn from JD Roth’s monetization talks at Savvy Blogging?

What’s the qualitative (read: not number based) take-home message?

I’d argue that there are three. Here they are:

  1. Monetizing takes work.
  2. Monetizing goes hand in hand with overall blog success (you can define the phrase “overall blog success” however you want, but typical metrics might include traffic, engagement, quality writing).
  3. However, monetization is not necessarily dependent on overall blog success. Monetization is also a choice. Even the most “successful” blogs in terms of traffic, engagement, and quality writing may not be monetized, or may not be monetized well. For evidence of this, take one look at the chart, Real Income Stats from Bloggers, that JD Roth shared with us during the session. As you can tell from the chart, and you can tell from simply talking to bloggers everywhere, the actual amount that a blog earns is highly dependent on the monetization strategies of the the bloggers at hand. If you have a blog with 10,000 hits a day, you are more likely to earn more than a blog with 1,000 hits a day, but this hardly guaranteed! Your actual income stats depend on a host of factors, and one of those factors is intent.

Now, many bloggers don’t have an interest in monetization. Monetizing is not a goal and (rightly for them) does not hold a place in weekly strategy sessions or blog daydreams for all bloggers. And in that case, I accept that A Blog Job may not be the blog for you.

However, if you are someone who is trying to monetize, and trying to monetize well, there are distinct things you should be doing aside from just concentrating on content.

Now – don’t get angry I just said that!

Obviously we all hope that quality content is a cornerstone of your blog already. However, if you are really trying to improve the income on your blog the answer may not necessarily be to “write better content” or “get more visitors”.

In the weeks to come here on A Blog Job, we’ll be looking at exactly the type of things you can be doing to up your income – even if you have a static following, and even if you don’t want to spend more hours in your day trying to write better.

One of the sources we’ll be looking at is actually JD’s new (old) blog about animal intelligence, which he’ll be using as a case study on Get Rich Slowly about blog monetization ideas (see more on his plans here). He’ll be writing about this topic once a month, and I’ll be sure to share his findings here as we work through some of these sticky monetization strategies.

Picture 5

Oh, and if your first question is, “How is a blog about animal intelligence going to make money?” wait for my next post – where we’ll look at this very issue!

Savvy Blogging Summit Transcripts

So you’ve heard me gush about the Savvy Blogging conference and all I learned there (including these tips on blog monetization). It was a fantastic conference, and I was blown away by the extensive information provided in each of the awesome sessions.

Picture 25

Those of you who weren’t able to attend are now in luck, because the Savvy Blogging women have released a full deck of audio and written transcripts that cover all the sessions that took place during the event (including the keynote by JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly).

[stextbox id="grey"]

Best Deal: $97

The complete package.

All sessions from the 2010 Savvy Blogging Summit . You’ll save $13 when you purchase the entire package, including 2010 Summit worksheets and power point presentations.


Here is a full list of the individual informative sessions you can purchase for your listening pleasure.

Real Income Stats from Bloggers

Here at the Savvy Blogging Summit, JDRoth of Get Rich Slowly gave a great presentation on monetization. In one of the most tweeted about slides in his presentation, he showed some of the stats of real bloggers out there.

Note about these numbers:

  • These are in PAGE VIEWS (not unique visitors)
  • The revenue stats are MONTHLY income


So what do you think about these stats? Do they surprise you?

Want to learn more about The Savvy Blogging Summit? Check out the website or follow the hashtag stream #SavvyBlogging on Twitter.

Thanks so much SavingFamilyMoney for taking this pic!

Why is Monetization Missing from Savvy Blogging?

Although “Savvy Blogging” can mean a number of different things for different people, one of the things it means to me is a great group of bloggers who teach others how to be better bloggers. They do so through the title (and the LLC) “Savvy Blogging“, and they have an upcoming summit this year. The twitter account @savvyblogging and the hashtag #savvyblogging stream are favorites for many bloggers like me who like to share, encourage, and progress on the professional blogging journey.

I’m excited to be attending the Savvy Blogging summit this year, and one of the topics I hope that we’ll be able to cover in depth will be monetization. The reality, though, is that the touchiness of money means that conferences often won’t include specific numbers. Indeed, the sad thing about much of the blogging world – and yes, even the savvy blogging world – is that true monetization advice and information is hard to come by.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I would not be the first to sign up to share all my monetization numbers to a hall full of people at a conference!

But it is a sad reality at conferences and blogging events that monetization numbers are scarce, and advice can be general. What does it mean if a blogger in a monetization session says that one affiliate “does well” for them? And how can you relate their monetarily “doing well” advice to your own blogging situation if you don’t know their traffic, or the estimated traffic averages for top performers in that affiliate?

Getting numbers is not about tearing others down or finding a tippy toe to stand above someone else on. It is about facts, information, and progress. Blogging should not be a competition. Instead, it’s a place to lift others up, encourage the community, and open wide the flood gates of knowledge. And one of these areas is in monetization;)

Why A Blog Job?

About 5 years ago, I started blogging. About six months ago, I began writing articles about blogging. About why I did it, what I liked about it, and what it meant for my life. At the time, I thought these articles were for my eyes only. Over time, though, I’ve decided to start cleaning them up, editing them into coherent posts, and putting them up on this blog – a domain I’ve had for a long time but was never quite ready to do something with. I tested out a few such articles at my other blog – like this post – and liked the comments and responses I was getting. I was aware, though, that my saving money readers were not quite the audience for the kinds of thoughts on blogging and monetization I wanted to share. I even got comments from readers understandably asking, “Why are you posting this here?”

In the next few months, I’m going to set a goal of posting two such of these articles a week here on this blog: A Blog Job.What I hope is that this can help serve as a venue for sharing, airing, and chatting about all those deep, dark questions about monetization – and how to really make an income from your blog.

More Tech Problems – [Sigh]

If you use thesis, you know that there are bugs sometimes. Sadly, figuring out those bugs – and then solving them – is not the easiest of things to do! That’s what I’m working on right now, so I apologize if things looked messed up to readers!

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