Six Figure Blogging Secrets From Three Who Know

There’s a great article today over at RetailMeNot that Cassie pointed out to me that looks at three successful bloggers and how they made (and are making) their money.

Check it out here.

Happy to see the lovely Erin Chase of 5 Dollar Dinners featured.

For other “how much do bloggers really make?” questions, here are two great posts:

Why Bloggers are Poor

Last night I found this great oldie-but-goodie video from mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb explaining why bloggers are poor.

The reason?

It all comes down to what bloggers are willing to charge for their services. When you give away your writing for free (or for a box of gluten-free Chex — the most recent worst pitch I’ve received), you’re adding to the problem. For some insight on what bloggers should be charging, see what some of your fellow readers had to say here about pricing. [Read more...]