Escalate Media – A Review

See the summary video review of Escalate Media is at the bottom of this post.

If you are a deals blogger, a mommy blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, Escalate Media is likely a small company you hear about relatively early on in your affiliate journey. Very similar to MySavings Media and Logical Media, Escalate Media offers a small number of niche offers that work especially well in the couponing, saving money, or deals space.

My Take:

Escalate Media is a great small network for certain niche bloggers. It’s not the first I recommend to new bloggers, because it is not quite as user friendly as some other programs. But for anyone moderately serious about promoting affiliate offers who blogs within a certain space (coupons, deal, family, lifestyle, photos, etc.) it should be a definite sign up.


  • Escalate has a relatively small number of deals that won’t get you overwhelmed.
  • Many affiliate offers are replicated on multiple networks (i.e. an offer on Escalate is also on Logical Media). Since Escalate Media may be lesser known or have gained less traction in the deal bloggers space, at times they have proved to have better payouts than some of the other networks. When a new offer goes live on multiple affiliate networks, you just want to compare the pay-outs before you decide to post.
  • Escalate Media has done a great job of setting a great trend of doing online video conferences where affiliates can ask questions of Escalate Media account managers. This is a great idea. It’s a great way for newbie bloggers to get a better sense of the deals available and for seasoned bloggers to see what they may be missing.


  • Although the interface for Escalate Media is definitely significantly better than it used to be, I can’t say that I find the actual process of getting the ad tags terribly intuitive or simple. I mean – with five minutes anyone can learn it, surely! – but at the same time I wish it seemed a bit more user friendly from the outset.
  • No “Lows” list for Escalate Media, Logical Media, or My Savings Media (and others as well, I might add) could ignore the fact that one of the general lows is that many of the offers are replicated on all the networks. This takes away from some of the magic of the fact that the networks seem to offer so many offers – it’s not really as many as you think because many are repeated!
  • The referral program for new Escalate Media sign-ups is on the very low side at $2.50 per sign up – and not a percentage basis.

Let’s look at some screenshots of the interface.

The offers section:

Picture 8

And The FAQ section:

Picture 12

Watch the video review here:

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