How a Relatively Low-Trafficked Organic Health Blog Brings in $4,000 – $12,000 a Month: The Fran Kerr Story

The theme of this blog aims to be sharing monetization stories and tips for bloggers.

Thankfully, this is a topic I naturally gravitate towards – and I regularly find interesting posts, podcasts, and articles in the blogosphere that offer insights into the exact numbers and exact methods of bloggers attempting to do this “blogging thing” as a full time job.

This week, I listened to an interesting interview with Fran Kerr, writer of High on Health. You can read the post about her on Entrepreneur’s Journey here, or go here to listen to the hour long interview. It’s an interesting insight into the journey one Australian blogger took to professional blogging.

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There are a couple key things that Fran’s story can teach us about the monetization process in blogging, and I want to point a few of these out in a series of posts. Today, I’m going to focus on the topic of Fran’s traffic in relation to her income numbers. Obviously there are many reasons and explanations for what may seem an “irregularity” in the income to traffic ratio, but in this post I’m just going to focus on the numbers themselves.

Fran says that she gets about 3,000 unique visitors a day. With this traffic, she claims she makes between $4,000 – $12,000 a month blogging. Although a newbie blogger might think that 3,000 hits a day seems like a lot, in reality this is probably low-end type traffic for such an income.

Even if Fran only were to make $4,000 each month for the entire year – the low-end of the income estimate she made – this would give her a $48,000 a year income off of only 3,000 visitors a day! Again, although 3,000 may seem like a lot – it is very possible to get to this level of traffic on a quality blog.

Does this mean that ever blog with 3,000 hits a day could make this kind of income? Absolutely not. In the next post on this topic, I’ll share some of the key reasons her blog is able to draw in such high income numbers on such relatively low traffic.


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