How to Form as an LLC

Why Bloggers Should Incorporate as a Business

Some of the most asked questions at blogger conferences relate to the logistics of really being a business. Although there are many different aspects of being a business that relate to bloggers, one critical one is actually legally incorporating as one!

Many bloggers spend years blogging without doing so, and experience no problems whatsoever — I never did. However, as your income grows you cant help but worry if you should be better protecting yourself and your business. Although I’m not a lawyer, I can definitely say from the number of conferences I’ve attended that there are clear benefits to becoming a business.

There are multiple types of business entities to form, and if you’re not sure how you want to incorporate, here’s a good discussion.

Incorporating as an LLC

Since I have gone through the process of forming as an LLC (limited liability corporation), that’s what I know about and what I can share here. LLCs are probably the most common type of business to incorporate as for blogs, but in doing so you need to decide which state you want to incorporate in.

When deciding to form as an LLC, I looked into the laws in my principle state of residence and found many recommendations suggesting that incorporating as an LLC in Delaware was a smart way to save money – especially given the high costs associated in my state. So I went with it.

Hiring a Service: Harvard Business Services

I’ve heard that some bloggers go the route of hiring lawyers or filling out the forms themselves, but honestly I knew the time involved wasn’t worth it to me — I just wanted to pay someone to do it. I found many different options online of services that help you do so for less than $400 at the time, and I read many reviews before picking one to go with.

Ultimately I went with Harvard Business Services. In short, it was incredibly quick, easy, and painless and (as of yet) I haven’t had any bad experiences. When my fees are due each year I can pay them online. For the most part, there is really nothing I have to worry about.

I’m sure there are other good routes to go, and I’d love to hear what you’ve done;)


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    filling llc form is important while starting a business and second thing we should consider the state in which we are gonna start our business.

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