How to Monetize a Travel Blog

I’ve told the story before, and I’m sure I’ll tell it again.

I started in the blogging world in 2006 with a then-popular travel blog. Since then, travel blogs have always caught my eye. And soon I’ll be launching a new member of the Saving Money Media family: Saving on Travels.

That said, I’ve been even more interested in travel blogs of late.

Today I stumbled across a few great articles about how to earn a living in the travel blogging space. I was interested by both the candor of their information and the wealth of it — both on blogs I had never heard of.

Just goes to show you how many fantastic resources there are out there on the interwebs that you just might not have found yet.

Here are some key articles:

  • How Travel Bloggers Make Money from Their Blogs: A dense, meaty article with lots of information on both the whys of starting a blog but — more importantly — the income earning ideas you’ll need for turning it into a day job.
  • Travel Blog Income Numbers: Interestingly, this article is titled (and was linked to) for it’s results on an advertising survey (asking travel bloggers how much they charge for advertising), but I found it most interesting for the income numbers it gave about travel bloggers. The vast majority of those taking the survey said they made somewhere between $1,000 – $2,000 dollars a month.
  • A “Now” Full-Time Travel Blogger Weighs In: I’ve long liked The Points Guy, and this year he has taken his blog full time (and, he launched another). It’s a good journey to follow him on.


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