Logical Media – A Review

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When I became a deals blogger, Logical Media was one of the first (if not the first) companies I signed up with. Over the years, I have consistently found they offer a good, quality product to publishers like me.

Picture 11

My Take:

Overall, Logical Media is a great affiliate program that any new blogger should sign up for ASAP. Although all the offers may not be relevant to your niche, likely there are a few high converting ones that will work for you. If I was having a coffee with you and giving you blog monetization tips, this would be one of the first affiliates I would suggest you sign up for.


  • There are not too many deals to be overwhelmed by.
  • One feature allows you to get notified when new offers are put up via email. Many times these emails offer your personalized affiliate-code-included text links as part of the email so you don’t even have to log in. This allows me to immediately place the offer in my blog for new offers I want to promote.
  • Prompt pay-out and excellent customer service via email (in my experience).


  • Some of the offers are bad — and are not things that I would want to promote to my readers. And I’m not just talking about irrelevant ads, i.e. we can all understand that a blog about baby food might not want to promote an ad about assisted living facilities. But some of the offers on Logical Media are simply bad ads in the sense that they are not easy sign ups for your blog readers, and can even slightly misrepresent what they are offering.
  • In sum: Always try the offers yourself before posting them!

Let’s get started by looking at a few screenshots of what it’s like!

Here’s your homepage:

Picture 5

Then here is the different kinds of account information you can view:

Picture 16

Here is where you can pick campaigns to run:

Picture 17

Here is where you can view your statistics:

Picture 3

Here is a video summary of my review of Logical Media:

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