MySavings Media – A Review

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MySavings Media is hands-down, one of my favorite affiliate programs.

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My Take: This should be first on your list to sign up for — especially if you blog about deals or coupons. MySavings is a great, small company with just enough deals to make you a steady income without becoming overwhelmed!


  • There are not too many offers available, so any new blogger feels immediately comfortable learning the system, and managing the offers available.
  • Simple, easy to use system. The interface is simple, and the dashboard works seamlessly. It is also identical in many ways to the dashboard of Logical Media and Escalate Media, so if you learn one, you learn all.
  • Great customer service via email.
  • Timely payments.
  • Easy-to-read dashboard showing your daily, weekly, monthly, or campaign-based earnings.
  • Instant delivery of lead generation to your inbox (i.e. they email you when you make money if you want)


  • After awhile, many bloggers wish MySavings had more offers. They specialize in niche offers – and don’t have tons – but we often want more.
  • You still need to test all the offers you want to run before you post them, because there are occasionally those offers that simply aren’t exactly what they say they are, or that require a long and difficult sign-up process. Oftentimes these are the offers that announce “Sweepstakes” — try to avoid them;)

How to Sign Up?

Here is a video review of MySavings Media:

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