How Much Would You Pay to Outsource Your Manual Facebook Updates?

In 2010, I still didn’t have a Facebook page for my blog. In 2011, I am convinced I would be completely lost without one.

There is no question that bloggers vary in the importance they assign to their Facebook page. Some say they get up to 80% of traffic from Facebook, while others acknowledge a healthy (but admittedly lower) boost. Overwhelmingly, though, one thing is clear: Facebook is no longer an add-on to your blog, but an integral blogging strategy. It’s time to use it, and to use it well. And one way to do so is to make sure you’re doing manual updates of your blog content to your Facebook page.

Why You Should Post Manually on Facebook

It’s become no secret that manually updating your blog’s Facebook page is best for your readers, your brand, and your wallet. For a brush up on why, read Crystal Collin’s great piece, Why Using a Feed Importer to Facebook Could be Killing Your Traffic. Sure, there are still those who use feed services to automatically publish, but this days even those who do so acknowledge that they “wish” they had the time to do manual updates.

As we’ve all figured out: if you’re not manually updating to Facebook you are losing major traffic and engagement. While, it may save you time to use an automatic feed update, it’s also leaving big blog income on the table.

But finding time to manually update your Facebook page, especially if you run a blog that sends out multiple posts per day, can be more than a small challenge. Deal blogs in particular, which can easily send a dozen posts or more per day, know what I’m talking about. When you’re focused on posting as many great deals as possible for your readers, it’s hard to remember to keep updating your Facebook page throughout the day (even with a timer set to do so, as many of us have resorted to).

Furthermore, although posting on Facebook is important, it’s hardly a core skill. As you build your blog, you start to realize that certain tasks are simply better to hire out, and manually posting on Facebook might just be one of those tasks. All this means that hiring out might be the best way to go when you need manual updates done, but you don’t have the time or bandwidth to do so. If that’s the answer, how can you best do so?

How to Hire Out for Manual Facebook Posting (The Two Most Common Ways)

There are two most common ways to hire out for this increasingly important task.

  1. Hire a general assistant to do your manual Facebook updates or give your current assistant this new task. This is overwhelmingly the most common route to go.
  2. Hire a service to do it.

The Problem With the Current Solutions

Sadly, though, neither current solution comes without its considerable hurdles. Let’s take a further look at what those are:

  • Hiring an Assistant: The problem with hiring an assistant, of course, is that many bloggers don’t have assistants or can’t afford assistants. Especially smaller bloggers, who are slowly working on their income goals so they can better afford to outsource some of their non core abilities. In reality, manually posting on Facebook is one of the first tasks that any blogger on the journey to transform a part-time income into a full-time income will need to hire out for. Most other tasks — graphic design, accounting, are project based. But manual Facebook posting is not. And is it really worth it to go to the trouble of finding an assistant just for this one task?
  • Hiring a Service: I must say that although I’ve heard of such services, I’ve yet to find a good, recommended one through my Google searches. The fact that this is still a nascent field within the blogging world also means that word of mouth referrals are not as robust as they will be one day.

How Much Should You Pay?

If there is one big sticky question, it is this.

How much is it worth it to you as a blogger for someone to do these manual updates for you? Do you think of this value in terms of value per post — say $2 per post? Or in terms of a daily, weekly, or monthly rate? It’s hard to assign a number, but that’s exactly what I’m begging you to (help me) do. I can’t be the only one wondering, right?

So, how much would you pay for someone for to manually update your blog’s Facebook page?


  1. Well, I pay $15/mo. for my VA to upload weekly updates to Hootsuite, that I write and send her. ??? Not exactly the same thing, but it helps me get a lot of FB traffic to archives and such. Interesting thought about asking her to manually update posts once a day or something…I’d make it a weekly or monthly cost, personally.

  2. $15 a month? Wait — that’s really low, right? How many hours of work s that?

  3. Although I guess you’re not a deal blog so you don’t have tons a day, right, Katie? (and congrats on #3 on the way!!)

  4. Freebies says:

    I don’t know how much I would pay. I think if I were to hire an assitant I would want them to do more than just facebook updates- because $2 a post when I have 10 per day is just too much.


  5. Most places – us included – should charge by the hour (and things like Facebook per hour is WAY cheaper than design, copywriting or PR!).

  6. Mazah says:

    So much to learn. I want to get an auccont, but I don't know how it works. I need the basics, and more.

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