Sway Group Connects Bloggers and Brands

There’s a new kid on the block, and she’s here to make mommy money.

Sway Group, LLC is a new agency started by Danielle Wiley that, among other things, will likely prove once and for all that bloggers don’t need to wait to meet their first agent until they have a book proposal in hand. Sway Group aims to represent bloggers as blogger agents in all manner of daily transactions — helping bloggers broker better daily deals with brands.

Sounds smart, and sounds crazy that no one has thought of this before.

Sway group came out of the gates with guns blazing this week, and Mama Pundit reports that the following awesome mom bloggers are reportedly already signed on for what Sway Group anticipates will be their first year (and their first million in revenue).

Get to know some of the Sway Group clients:

Amy Storch of AMALAH
Jyl Johnson Pattee of MOMITFORWARD
Liz Gumbinner of  MOM 101
Gabrielle Blair of DESIGN MOM
Isabel Kallman of  ALPHA MOM
Alice Bradley of FINSLIPPY
Eden Marriott Kennedy of FUSSY
Rebecca Woolf of GIRLS GONE CHILD
Roxanna Sarmiento of EVERYDAY TREATS
Sarah James of WHOORL
Tracey Gaughran-Perez of  SWEETNEY
Katie Allison Granju of  MAMAPUNDIT
Karen Walrond of CHOOKOOLOONKS
Lindsay Ferrier of  SUBURBAN TURMOIL
Catherine Connors of HER BAD MOTHER
Linda Sharps of ALL & SUNDRY
Laura Mayes of THE QUESO
Ellen Seidman of LOVE THAT MAX
Monica Bielanko of THE GIRL WHO
Meagan Francis of THE HAPPIEST MOM
Jessica Ashley of SASSAFRASS

If you’re smart like Anna at ABDPBT, you can’t help but notice that a few of the big mom bloggers out there (Dooce, Jessica Gottlieb, The Bloggess) are noticeably missing from the pack. I can’t help but wonder whether some of the large mom bloggers who are with Federated Media have some sort of clause preventing them from going with a blogger agent.

Update: My silly self forgot that the awesome Catherine Connors at Her Bad Mother is indeed a part of Federated Media. So throw that half-baked idea goes out the window;)

Even if having a blogger agent is the farthest thing from your mind as you remember to get up your daily post, it still is a positive step to see happening in the blogosphere. It’ll be fascinating to see how Sway Group plays out, and to watch the happenings of some of their bloggers over the next year to see how their blogs grow and transform with the support of a commission-based cheerleader in the corner.


  1. I’m not with Federated Media and I didn’t hear anything about this until after the Ad Age article. I think it’s a smart idea and I wish them all the best.

  2. Thanks Jessica — that ends that speculation. LOL ;)

  3. Rahman says:

    Alison – I toaltly agree. When I first started I was shocked at the size of the community and so excited to find like-minded people I could talk with and learn from. Jamie – Thanks for all of you taught me just by being you!Kristen – Thanks for your comment. I’ve loved meeting people outside my niche. Especially DIY and creative project bloggers like you and Kristi. You guys inspire me to try things I never would have thought!

  4. ljupowq says:

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  1. [...] This week, Sway Group LLC announced that it is opening its doors as an agency exclusively designed to help bloggers broker deals with brands on a daily basis. Starting with a lineup of 25 top top mom bloggers, Sway hopes to break a million in revenue in their first year. (Read more about the specifics and the starting blogger lineup here). [...]

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