Time Management for Bloggers – The Holy Grail

It’s 2 am, and your post isn’t finished. Sure – it’s a long one, but honestly the real barrier to finishing has been all the facebook chatting, ebay vintage lamp hunting, and random googling of celebrity gossip. If you’re a blogger, you know the problem.

When you spend all day on your computer, you have to learn to not make your computer time one big black hole of a time suck.

I love reading about time management and productivity, and was so happy that my friend Amy of Blogging with Amy came out with her new ebook on the subject. I was thrilled to preview the book, and now am happy to encourage my readers to go ahead and buy it right now for the low price of just $9 here with code 9BUCKS.

So what is Tell Your Time all about?

Tell Your Time is a simple, easy read that will introduce you to a revolutionary (yes, really!) way to organize your time. Amy shows you how to identify the most important priorities in your life, and then uses a visual mapping system to figure out the amounts of time (and when in your day) you should be spending on each area. Only then – once you have a wise idea of what is important – do you actually plot your schedule on a weekly basis.

I thoroughly encourage this ebook, and am so happy to be able to know someone who wrote such a powerful, simple idea in such clear words. It’s a quick read, and you will gain quick wisdom!

Although normally $12, it’s $9 now with the coupon code 9BUCKS– so buy it now if you’re interested!

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