What’s Really Important, and Why It’s OK When Your Blog Crashes

One of the best life lessons any professional blogger can learn is that any blogger – not matter the size of their blog and the size of their team behind it – can suffer the most simple of nightmares: the crash.

Today, I happened to notice dear old ProBlogger had gone the way of the website outage (well, technically it was still loading, just barely, though).

Screen shot 2010-12-26 at 1.00.30 AM

It got me thinking what we can learn from some outages, and the answer was clear — no less so because today happened to be Christmas.

No matter how important blogging is to you, it is not the only thing.

Today, on Christmas, celebrate with the ones you love;)

As one mommy blogger once said, when your kids grow up you don’t want them looking back on their childhood and only remembering the back of mommy’s head at her laptop…

Happy Holidays!

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