Why Bloggers are Poor

Last night I found this great oldie-but-goodie video from mom blogger Jessica Gottlieb explaining why bloggers are poor.

The reason?

It all comes down to what bloggers are willing to charge for their services. When you give away your writing for free (or for a box of gluten-free Chex — the most recent worst pitch I’ve received), you’re adding to the problem. For some insight on what bloggers should be charging, see what some of your fellow readers had to say here about pricing.

Now let’s get to Gottlieb’s video:


A note on FREE

I did want to leave one quick note about the concept of giving content away for free. Don’t think it’s always prohibited. There are reasons to do so, as long as you are being smart about it. Do you have a smart plan for how to convert that initial free content into later paid services or products? Have you done the ROI and found that one free subscriber ends up gaining you income long term?

Learn about some of the ways that giving things away for free can ultimately be to your benefit in books like Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck.


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