Why Brands Should Hire (Mom) Bloggers

On the heels of a great blog conference, I’m prepping a few posts in reference to the monetization sessions I was able to enjoy at Blissdom in Nashville.

In my efforts to scour the web for others’ reactions to the conference, I enjoyed reading this post over at Better in Bulk about why brands should hire bloggers in the first place.

Her take? Moms have influence, and when moms get on blogs they can talk up a brand or a product like a pro. Actually, they can talk way better than a pro, because they are talking like a mom.

Which is, of course, the whole point.

The article continues and has other gems about how moms typically choose the products and companies that they want to care about long-term, building win-win partnerships on both sides that bring both brand and blogger to new heights.

However, I got side-tracked in my reading when I noticed something startling. In a fascinating twist, I saw that the post was actually sponsored through a sponsored post gig the writer has.


Or proof that mom bloggers really can connect words with brands?

You decide.


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